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Legislation to accelerate open government, open data, and civic technology statewide for all Minnesotans! #OpenMN

Open Minnesota Legislation Introduced!

Civic technology opens government with creativity.

Exciting news, Minnesota House File 2611 and Senate File 2238 were introduced this week in the Minnesota State Legislature.

We look to be the first state with legislation promoting statewide next generatin citizen-centric open government and civic technology education and outreach.

The legislation significantly adds to open data efforts of Minnesota governments and says, “We can innovate with that data on and dramatically extended the benefits civic technology all over the state.”

Our view is that this emerging mountain of public open data needs to be used across our economy and society. All communities must be better prepared for the opportunity.

The idea for this legislation was sparked by huge momentum and government interested in participation with Open Twin Cities and a conversation among Rep. Steve Simon, Open Twin Cities Co-Founder Bill Bushey, and Executive Director and CityCampMN founder Steven Clift in November 2013. Bill Bushey is also the Technology Director for E-Democracy. Steven Clift was the founding director of the state’s North Star portal (now  in 1995. Excitement has grown with our connection to Sen. Foung Hawj (simply pronounced “her”), the Senate chief author who has a background in digital video production and public participation.

With the compressed legislative schedule, a hearing for the bills will pop up with a moments notice in the next couple weeks. Sign-on as a citizen supporter at the bottom of our home page.


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